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Maintenance of San Antonio pools in winter: take care of them today, and enjoy them in spring!

In winter, many pool owners choose not to use them as often as they would like due to the low temperatures that prevent a refreshing dip. However, at Style Swimming Pools, swimming pool contractor San Antonio, we recommend that our clients take advantage of the winter to give a deep maintenance to swim safely in spring.

Should I empty the pool?  

If you prefer to keep it full for its aesthetic appeal or because it is used occasionally when the weather allows it, there are solutions to clean the water in your pool, such as trichlor tablets, filters, among others. However, if your pool will be at rest, the ideal is to empty it to save water and wash the surfaces, emptying the pool is not a recommended annually task, and is only done in case a repair needs to be given ; for cleaning we recommend:

Brush the surfaces

The formation of algae, fungi and bacteria is the consequence of a dirty swimming pool.

You may have an automated cleaning and filtration system, but manual cleaning is irreplaceable as it removes adhesions on walls and floors.

You can do this every 6 months, and winter is the ideal season because the pool will not be used and, if you take advantage of the days with a low probability of rain, you will ensure that it is completely dry and clean. taking care of the appearance and cleanliness of the surface of our pool we make sure to keep it in the best conditions, so we will not have to change the tiles if it is not necessary for design reasons, there are also robot cleaners that facilitate the task.

Clean the filter

This type of accessory is essential to catch the residues that favor the appearance of microorganisms; and, if not removed, they can harden which will interfere with filtering. This season is also ideal to analyze if it is time to replace the filter, which is recommended if it has ceased to fulfill its function properly. In Style swimming pool our maintenance service keep track of all details and we make sure that all the mechanisms of the pool are always in the best conditions. 

Swimming Pool Contractor San Antonio

Clean the pump

Make sure that the water pump is free of debris that prevents its operation or that clogs the pipes. If necessary, you can take it in for specialized maintenance, which will prevent you from having to replace it soon. 

Check the ph levels

This is one of the afternoons that are performed less frequently when a professional maintenance team is not hired and we have decided to clean the pool ourselves, however an adequate level of pH, prevents the formation of algae and above all protects your family, there are many types of pH testers on the market that you can get and they come with easy to understand user manuals.

If the cleaning work is too arduous for you, we will help you, since in addition to swimming pool contractor San Antonio, we can maintain your pool.

Swimming Pool Contractor San Antonio

At Style Swimming Pools we also recommend that you take advantage of winter to add a bonus to your pool, such as: a heating system, a roof, an automatic cleaning system or night lighting.

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