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Building a pool involves an investment for a lifetime, which will fulfill your family’s dreams by having a place of fun in your own home. If you are about to dive into the adventure of choosing a pool for your home, you are probably wondering how much one costs and how to find the best  pool contractors San Antonio. 

At Style Swimming Pools you will find expert  pool contractors  San Antonio who will help you choose an extraordinary pool in your home, with high quality materials, a spectacular design, and amenities that will give it a unique and special touch. In addition, we have cleaning and maintenance services so that the water is kept in optimal conditions.

What types of pool can I have in my home? 

In the market we can find temporary, rubber or plastic pools that can be assembled when needed and uninstalled when not in use, or in the coldest seasons of the year. However, these types of pools are not compared to those made through a turnkey design, of which we will discuss their advantages below. 

  • Concrete pools. It is the most frequent manufacturing method since the construction is relatively simple, it can be done in any design and dimension, with color finishes, tiles or lighting that is desired, it is also manufactured directly on the ground, so it will be made to measure. For the manufacture of concrete pools it is necessary to excavate in the land, so professional San Antonio pool contractors  San Antonio are needed to obtain the projected designs. This type of pool can have a pump, filter and a chlorinator to maintain cleanliness, with the option of automating the chlorination process, which is a guarantee of safety and hygiene.
  • Vinyl bottom pools. These pools have plastic, metal, or wood walls and a layer of vinyl on the bottom. They are inexpensive models, quick to install, ideal for children’s pools, wading pools, ponds or fish tanks. To install these pools it is necessary to excavate the land and monitor the condition of the vinyl, which must be changed every eight years, approximately, to avoid leaks.
  • Glass pools. Ideal for creating an elegant, sophisticated space with an impressive visual effect, glass pools provide a feeling of spaciousness. They can be installed indoors at floor level, which is why they are very common in apartments, hotels and residences.
  • Natural pools. They can be made with concrete and decorated with natural rocks to design natural, decorative spaces with a rustic appearance.
    The cost of the pool is determined by factors such as:
    Size. The San Antonio pool contractors need to know the extension of land to work to analyze the materials, time and labor necessary for the project.
    Finishes and amenities. The price will rise if marble finishes, night lighting elements, automatic cleaning or water heating systems are used. However, it is important to consider them to get all the benefits of the pool at home; and if it is for a business, it will be even more important because the pools are great attractions for customers. For example, automated cleaning systems remove 99% of trash and reduce the cost of purchasing chemicals, which cause burning eyes and skin irritation for users.

Are you looking for pool contractors San Antonio Texas?

Water temp. Enjoying the pool at any season of the year requires an adequate temperature, for which you can use a boiler, which works with gas systems, a heat pump, which works with electricity, or solar panels, which are the newest option. and that saves money when using energy from the sun. 

If after all the above you have been convinced to install a pool and you are looking for pool contractors San Antonio, you have come to the right place because at Style Swimming Pools we can help you build the pool of your dreams in your home, water park or business.

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